Haseltonia 01


  • Scott E. Haselton and his Abbey Garden Press by D. W. Davies

  • George Engelmann's contributions to the Cactaceae by Larry W. Mitich

  • Dwarf dwarfs: Conophytum, the section Minuscula by Steven Hammer

  • Tacitus and polyploidy by Charles H. Uhl

  • In search of Agave panamana Trel by Thomas A. Cseh

  • Variegation in cultivated Sansevierias by B. Juan Chahinian

  • Notes on the taxonomic and conservation status of Aloe microcantha(Asphodelaceae: Alooideae) by Gideon F. Smith

  • Chemical defense in Cephalocereus senilis (old-man cactus) against the cactus soft rot pathogen Erwinia cacticida by Paul W. Paré & Tom J. Mabry

  • A new account of Echidnopsis Hook. f. (Asclepiadaceae: Stapeliae) by Darrel C. H. Plowes

  • The genus Denmoza Britton & Rose (Cactaceae): taxonomic history and typification by Beat Ernst Leuenberger

  • The genus Disocactus by Myron Kimnach


Front Cover: Haworthia springbokvlakensis, from an original painting by Gerhard Marx. 1993. Remarkable for its resemblance to some species of Mesembryanthemaceae, this member of the Liliaceae similarly lives a partially subterranean existance, receiving sunlight through its translucent leaf-tips.                         

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