Haseltonia 08


  • Apocynaceae and Asclepiadaceae: united they stand by Mary E. Endress
  • Insights on the pollination biology of Agave (Agavaceae) by Liz A. Slauson
  • Agave decipiens, endemic to Florida by Scott Zona
  • The organpipe cactus, Stenocereus thurberi: distribution, morphology, and ethnobotany of pitahayas by David Yetman & Thomas R.Van Devender
  • South African succulent plants: two new species and two new combinations by Ernst van Jaarsveld
  • Seed germination experiments in Opuntia (Cactaceae) of the northern Chihuahuan Desert    by Gretchen Kleim Pendley
  • Cavitation and embolism repair in the dimorphic wood of Rhipsalis lumbricoides (Cactaceae)   by Joshua F. Stevenson & James D. Mauseth  
  • Dudleya attenuata, with the new subspecies australis by Reid Moran
  • Hybrids of Pachyphytum hookeri (Crassulaceae) and their chromosomes by Charles H. Uhl
  • Wood and bark anatomy in Moringa (Moringaceae) by M. E. Olsen


Front Cover: In this issue Mark Olsen discusses the wood anatomy ofMoringa (Moringaceae), a small genus of often succulent trees. Among the most succulent is M. drouhardii, here photographed by Brian Kemble in its leafless state at Cap St. Jean., south of Tulear, Madagascar.                         

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