Haseltonia 13


  • From the editor Root Gorelick
  • Chromsomes and hybrids of Echeveria XI. South American species of Series Racemosae by Charles H Uhl
  • Aloe werneri and Aloe ampefyana, two new Aloe (Aspholedaceae) species from Madagascar by J-B Castillon
  • Aloe rubrodonta and Aloe kahinii: two notable new species of Aloe(Aspholedaceae) from Somaliland by Tom McCoy and John Lavranos
  • Aloe elkerriana (Aspholedaceae): a new Ethiopian species from the type locality of Aloe jacksonii by Maurizio Dioli and Tom McCoy
  • The genus Aloe (Aspholedaceae: Alooideae) in Namaqualand, South Africa Ronell by R Klopper and Gideon F Smith
  • Naturalized species of Agave (Agavaceae) on the southeastern coast of Portugal by Gideon F Smith and Estrela Figueiredo
  • Echidnopsis uraiqatiana (Apocynaceae: Asclepiadoideae): a new species from northern Eritrea by Maurizio Dioli
  • Root studies on cactus pears Opuntia ficus-indica and O. robusta along a soil-water gradient by Hennie A Snyman
  • Preparation of specimens of Opuntia by Juan Antonio Reyes-Agüero, Fernando Carlín-Castelán, Juan Rogelio Aguirre R, and Héctor M. Hernández
  • The discovery of a previously unknown isotype of Opuntia vilis ROSE (Opuntioideae: Cactaceae) by Rolando T Bárcenas and Julie A Hawkins
  • Airampoa picardoi, the correct name for Opuntia picardoi by Alessandro Guiggi
  • Compendium of new taxa and new combinations from Cactus and Succulent Journal (January 2007—December 2007)


Front Cover: As enthusiasm for the genus grows and as doors open to exploration in new localites, aloes continue to feature prominently in Haseltonia, with four papers and five new taxa introduced in this issue. Aloe humilis, a long-known and widespread South African species popular in collections, has surprising large flowers for such a diminutive plant. They were captured for our cover by photographer Irwin Lightstone

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