Haseltonia 16


  • From the editor
  • Rehabilitation of the genus Monvillea by Roberto Kiesling.
  • Flower pigment patterns and systematics of Conophytum N. E. Br. (Aizoacea) by Joachim Thiede, Matthew R. Opel, and Steven A. Hammer.
  • The genus Aloe L. (Asphodelaceae: Alooideae) in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa by Ronell R. Klopper and Gideon F. Smith.
  • Self-fertilization of a Schlumbergera truncata Cultivar: Breakdown of self-incompatibility by Dr. Paul Brown
  • Epidermal characters of Pterocactus (Opuntioideae, Cactaceae ) by A. Faigón, B. G. Galati, S. Rosenfeldt, & R. Kiesling.
  • Opuntia fragilis (Nuttall) Haworth in Illinois: Pad dynamics and sexual reproduction by Eric Ribbens, Barbara A. Anderson, & Jeremie Fandt
  • Filling the gap: Fockea multiflora K. Schum. (Apocynaceae) in Malawiby Joachim Thiede, Bruce J. Hargreaves, Montfort L. Mwanyambo, & Jens Oldeland
  • Karyotype, heterochromatin, and physical mapping of 5S and 18-5.8-26S rDNA genes in Setiechinopsis (Cactaceae), and Argentine endemic genus by M. K. Las Peñas, R. Kiesling, & G. Bernardello.
  • Phenotypic plasticity in response to short term nutrient availability inCylindropuntia fulgida (Cactaceae) by Mark L. Buhanan & John M. Briggs.

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