Journal Vol 76-2

Mar - Apr 2004


A new garden at Lotusland. The Merrit Dunlap Cactus Collection
Virginia Hayes and Paul Mills

The Huntington Botanical Gardens presents the 2004 offering of International Succulent Introductions
John N. Trager

Illustrated Handbook of Succulent Plants: Crassulaceae
Book Review by Charles H Uhl

Pilosocereus mollispinus P. J. Braun & Esteves - A new species of Cactaceae from the state of Goias and comments on other Pilosocereus species from Central Brazil
Pierre J Braun and Eddie Esteves Pereira

Bradleya 21
Book Review by D Russell Wagner

Pachypodium makayense, A New Species From Madagascar
John J Lavranos

Haseltonia 9
Book Review by Colin Walker

Superb Succulents
Duke Benadom

Succulents on Stamps: Adansonia digitata
Peg Spaete

Echeveria unguiculata, A new species from northwestern Mexico
Myron Kimnach

Flora of Pakistan, No. 209 Crassulaceae
Book Review by Reid Moran

Bromeliads for the contemporary garden
Book Review by D Russell Wagner

Three large-flowered ceropegias and their hybrids
Gordon Rowley


On the cover: This thumb-size slugabed Conophytum ectypum subsp browniiwas photographed by D Russell Wagner in May 2003 near the eastern end of Ratelpoort, a quartz ridge spanning Bulletrap and Concordia in Namaqualand (South Africa). The plant's grout-like habit is typical for the subspecies, which adapts to niches terminally confining for other, larger, plants. Despite their deep dormancy, several neighboring specimens were in flower, displaying a range of white-eyed pinks. We saw one pure white flower and looked in vain for the fiery reds reported by Roy Littlewood in 1959 and unseen since. Red flowers did reveal themselves further south, just east of Springbok. Here,C.ectypum subsp brownii has intermingled thoroughly with the yellow-petalledC.bilobum. A striking melange, first collected by the beetle expert Charles Koch ca. 1948, this was named C.marnierianum Tischer in 1956 and is the best-loved natural hybrid in Aizoaceae. SH & #38; RW.

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