Journal Vol 78-6

November – December 2006



  • Hanging baskets DOMINIQUE BAYNE
  • Mexican Cliff-dwellers In search of Graptopetalum, Pachyphytum and Cremnophila JULIA ETTER & MARTIN KRISTEN
  • Epiphytic cacti for hanging baskets DR RW KOHLSCHREIBER
  • Cultivation of South African and Namibian cliff-dwelling succulents with pendent growth forms ERNST VAN JAARSVELD
  • Hanging tillandsias DUKE BENADOM
  • The pendent cacti of Brazil PIERRE J BRAUN AND ANDREAS HOFACKER
  • Crassulaceae in hanging pots RAY STEPHENSON
  • Home Grown Cactus tips from a master grower - pendent succulents ELTON ROBERTS
  • Othonna triplinervia a neglected cliff dwelling beauty ERNST VAN JAARSVELD
  • Book Review: The New Cactus Lexicon GORDON ROWLEY & MYRON KIMNACH
  • Succulents on Stamps Epiphytic and pendent succulentsPEG SPAETE
  • Volume 78 index


On the cover: If Nebuchadnezzar had adorned his hanging gardens with succulents, think how much he would have saved on the royal water bill--not to mention the ease and freedom drought-tolerant plants would have given his staff. Today we can take advantage of a wonderful array of succulent aerialists. These pages are dedicated to them and to the people who study and grow cliff-dwellers, epiphytes and non-obligate crawlers. When nicely suspended, vegetable curtains can make a spectacular show. Imagine our cover, Aporophyllum "Moolight" (photo by Lois Burks of Benton, Arkansas), multiplied by twenty! We have asked explorers of Mexico, Brazil and South Africa--and some of the best growers in the US and abroad--to show us the whys and hows of succulents on high. And we've barely scratched the surface. Consider this an invitation to explore some new ways to understand, grow and enjoy your plants.

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