Journal Vol 79-1

January – February 2007



  • Achlorophyllous Mammillaria grahamii in Tempe, ArizonaRoot Gorelick
  • Nichols Turk’s Head conservation at Ironwood Forest National Monument Bill Thornton
  • Home Grown Cactus tips from a master grower—Ariocarpus Elton Roberts
  • Under Discussion: Mexican Oddities—Strombocactus, Pelecyphora, Obregonia, Aztekium, Geohintonia andLophophora Fred Dortort
  • Aloe verecunda: Fiery flowers in the grasslands of South Africa Charles Craib
  • Miracle Pots: Hardy Succulents in Containers Panayoti Kelaidis
  • Book Reviews: Bradleya 24 Root Gorelick
  • Organ Pipe Cactus Russell Wagner
  • Pterodiscus ngamicus in the limpopo river basin, Limpopo Province, South Africa Charles Craib
  • Succulents on Stamps: Mesembs, Part 1 Peg Spaete


On the cover: Laurence Garvie captured this magnificent moment on a foggy December day in the North Maricopa Mountain Wilderness southwest of Phoenix, Arizona. The cacti in the photo are the Teddy-bear Cholla(Cylindropuntia bigelovii) and large columnar Saguaros (Carnegiea gigantea), both of which are locally common. Also visible in the photo are the perennialsEncelia farinosa and Lycium berlandieri. Many years of below-average rainfall had put a strain on even the most hardened desert plants in this area, and many stands of cacti exhibited high levels of mortality. The drought broke when the 2004–2005 winter brought an unusual abundance of rain. Fog is rare in southern Arizona, with only a handful of foggy days recorded each year. In contrast, it is a dominant form of precipitation in many coastal arid environments.

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