Journal Vol 80-3

May–June 2008



  • Aloe elegantissima, a beautiful new aloe from northern Somaliland Tom McCoy & John Lavranos
  • Opuntia fragilis in Illinois Eric Ribbens & Barbara A Anderson
  • Cactus tips from a master grower: Echinocereus Part 3Elton Roberts
  • Christmas in the summertime—The wildly beautiful flowers of Adenium oleifolium Dawie Human
  • Some succulent memories Part 5. Lost and found in Honduras Myron Kimnach
  • Haworthias and the half-lives of data Steven Hammer
  • Relations across the Rio Bravo—Escobaria hesterisubspecies grata from el otro lado Jonas Lüthy
  • Succulents on stamps: Portulaca Peg Spaete
  • Book Reviews: Green roofs Ray Stephenson
  • Book Review: The genera Pediocactus Navajoa Toumeyaby Fritz Hochstätter Tom Mathies


On the cover: As growers we often lose sight of the variability a single species can manifest. One plant on the bench does not a species make!  In this issue Dawie Human, proprietor of Lifestyle Seeds in south Africa, relates a chance encounter with a population of Adenium oleifolium that produced the entire range of flower colors, shapes, and sizes seen on our cover. Cherish the sight: development in habitat may drive the species into deeper obscurity. In cultivation, these caudiciform beauties are unnecessarily slow and rare, but growers in Florida, California, and Thailand are making progress.

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