Journal Vol 82-2

March-April 2010



  • Ceropegia craibii found following fire. With an account of the propagation and cultivation of the species Charles Craib & Gerhard Marx 
  • Succulent and xeromorphic bromeliads of Brazil Part 7. Orthophytum toscanoi ssp atropurpureum Pierre J Braun & Eddie Esteves Pereira
  • Close encounters with lithops Dawie Human
  • Cape Agulhas, Africa's southernmost succulents and Aloe juddii newly named from the region Ernst van Jaarsveld & James Deacon
  • The Huntington Botanical Gardens presents the 2010 offering of International Succulent Introductions John N.Trager
  • Book review: Haworthia for the Collector by Rudolf Schulz Steven Hammer
  • Book review: Cacti of Texas in their natural habitat by Gertrud & Ad Konings Duke Benadom


On the cover: Duke Benadom photographed this award winning Monadenium spinescens at one of the annual CSSA shows. This plant has been in Duke and Kazuko's collection for many years and it seems to just keep improving. The late Seymour Linden was our inspiration to collect members of this fascinating genus.The former series Superb Succulents featured this and a wide variety of other trophy-winning plants from numerous cactus and succulent shows. Like members of the genus Euphorbia, monadeniums can be both toxic and caustic, a bit dangerous, but beautiful and certainly worth growing!

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