Journal Vol 82-5

September-October 2010



  • Mazapil, Zacatecas: diversity and conservation of cacti in a poorly known arid region in northern Mexico by David Brailovsky Signoret & Héctor M Hernández
  • More Weird Saguaros by Bill Thornton & Matts Myhrman 
  • Succulents that cope with climatic diversity by Brian Lamb
  • Succulents on Stamps Saguaros by Peg Spaete
  • Part II Cylindropuntia by Fred Katterman
  • Superb Succulents by Duke Benadom
  • Book Reports: Flowering Plants of Africa; Bradleya; Agaves, Cacti and Yuccas of Californua and Nevada by Duke Benadom
  • Book Reports: Monadenium by Chuck Everson
  • A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words by Irwin Lightstone
  • Cactus Tips Pterocactus fischeri, Pterocactus megliolii, Pterocactus reticulatus, Aztekium hintonii   by Elton Roberts


On the cover: Irwin Lightstone captured this magnified image of a Pseudolithos migiurtinus in flower. His unusual photographic techniques enable him to create masterful images that are seldom witnessed with the naked eye. Check out his article on page 220 of this issue!

From Irwin: For years, I grew my Pseudolithos migiurtinus because of it's unique texture and chunky growth pattern. When it flowered, the inflorescence looked like cute miniatures of other stapeliads, but not really important. They were just too small to really see. By magnifying them 3.75x, their other-wordly details emerge. In a family where so many of the larger stapeliads have achieved a legendary status despite their smell, the flowers of Pseudolithos migurtinus have their own unique charm. To extend the field-sharp focus, multiple images were merged into a single image by using a process known as focus stacking.

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