Journal Vol 82-6

November-December 2010



  • The Heterosis of Operculicarya by Jason Eslamieh
  • The Succulent Scrub of San Martin Island, Baja California, Mexico by Sula Vanderplank and Sergio Mata
  • Gymnocalycium afne Repka sp. nov. A neglected species of the northern pat of Córdoba Province (Argentina) by Radomír Řepka 
  • Watering Systems for Success in Growing Plants, Using Low pH and Amonium Nitrogen by Elton Roberts and Malcolm Burleigh
  • Superb Succulents by Duke Benadom
  • Book Reviews by Duke Benadom and Root Gorelick
  • Succulents on Stamps Cacti Part 2 by Peg Spaete


On the cover: Stephen Ingram's excellent photography caught my attention while reviewing his book, Cacti, Agaves, and Yuccas of California and Nevada(the review appeared in the last issue of this Journal). As you can see by the holiday colors on this issue's cover, he has developed some superb techniques in photographing plants. He has described this image by stating: Echinocereus triglochidiatus is a variable and widespread cactus native to desert mountains from California to western Colorado and New Mexico. The fleshy flowers remain open, even overnight, for several days, attracting hummingbirds as pollinators. The flower photographed here is from a plant purchased from Starr Nursery at the 2009 CSSA Convention in Tucson. It flowered in our greenhouse and remained in a pristine state for nearly a week, allowing ample time for admiring and photographing.

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