Journal Vol 83-6

November-December 2011



  • Echinopsis sensu stricto and Trichocereus: Differentiating the Genera Robert Schick 
  • Euphorbia momccoyae Lavranos: a new and long misidentified species from the Sultanate of Oman John J Lavranos
  • Escobaria abdita-a new species from northern MexicoRadomir Repka and Zdenek Vasko
  • Aloe ikiorum: A new species from Uganda Maurizio Dioli
  • The rediscovery of the elusive Echeveria tobarensis Julia Etter and Martin Kristen
  • Superb Succulents Duke Benadom
  • A new Drimia sp. from the Namib Desert in Namibia Graham Williamson
  • Index to Volumes 82&83


      On the cover The spectacular cliffs at Shaat, in the Sultanate of Oman, are home to a large number of interesting plants, many of them succulent. Among those of particular appeal to the collector are Dracaena off. ombet, seen here in profile. Growing alongside is a new species of Euphorbia, described in this issue, while at its base and elsewhere on the cliff, the endemic Aloe whitcombei is discernible. Tom McCoy, renowned for his fearless exploration of such places, risked life and ageing limb leaning over the edge to capture this view during the monsoon season, September 2011

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