Journal Vol 84-2


  • Some Arboreal Anthouse Plants of Australasia and the southwest Pacific. by Derrick Rowe
  • The remarkable Boophone disticha (L.f.) Herb. (Amaryllidaceae); survivor from the northern tropical savanna woodlands to the South African semi-arid Karoo by Graham Williamson
  • Copiapoa algarrobensis; a new Copiapoa in Chile, discovered in October 1985. by Fred Kattermann
  • Superb Succulents by Duke Benadom
  • The Huntington Botanical Garden Presents the 2012 Offering of International Succulent Introductions by John N. Trager and Cody Coyotee Howard
  • Observations of the Chilean Opuntioideae by Fred Kattermann
  • Sulcolluma mirbatensis McCoy, an unique new species from the Sultanate of Oman by Tom A. McCoy


On the cover: Melocacti are deservedly popular amongst cactus growers. It is a genus of primarily tropical species, occurring in warmclimates, often with elevated humidity and ample rainfall. M. ernestii is widespread in Brazil, recognized from as many as eight states. As expected with such a large distribution, there can be significant differences between populations. Illustrated are plants from a population with very long spines (up to 20-25 cm; 8-10 in) from near Jequié, in the state of Bahia. Plants were growing in great abundance on a vertical rock wall. When plants are young the spines are strawcolored with pinkish to golden tones and pale banding. The spines of older plants in habitat become dark grayish. Seedlings from this population are available as ISI 2012-3, in this issue.

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