Journal Vol 84-4

July - August 2012



  • CSSA Tour 2010: the Botanical Riches of Oaxaca by Dan Mahr
  • Mammillarias of Oaxaca by Rick Gillman
  • Guiengola Softly in the Footsteps of Thomas Macdougallby Catherine Phillips
  • On the Trail of Oaxaca’s Great Cacti by David A. Yetman


On the Cover: The CSSA caravan stopped along the Mexican Federal Hwy 182 between Teotitlán and Huautla de Jiménez to see Dioon califanoi. It was a short, steep scramble up an eroded road-cut. There were wonderful old specimens of D. califanoi, and some, such as this one, photographed by Karen Zimmerman, were decorated with Mammillaria flavicentra growing epiphytically on their trunks, along with Echeveria nodulosa, tillandsias and lichens.

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