Journal Vol 88-2

Many cacti have leaves on their "flowers"
James D. Mauseth

Dorstenia horwoodii Rzpecky sp. nov.
From nudum to novum a fortyish year hiatus
Alain Rzepecky

Along the way with Woody
Attila Kapitany

Obituary: Gerald S. Barad
Myron Kimnach

Extension of the distribution of Melocactus ernestii Vaupel (Cactaceae) in the Northeastern Brazil: a new occurrence for the state of Ceará
Amanda cristina dantas de souza, Alice Calvente, Jomar Gomes Jardim & Leonardo de melo Versieux

Beginners guide to geophytic Othonna
Tom Glavich

Pushing the limits with cacti & succulents in cold climates #16
Leo Chance

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