Journal Vol 88-4

Extrafloral nectaries in cacti
James D Mauseth, Jon P Rebmann & Silvia Rodrigues Machado

A new species of cremnophytic Aloe from Mozambique
Tom A McCoy & Obety JosÉ Baptista

First record of Lepismium lumbricoides (Lem.) Barthlott (Cactaceae), in Minas Gerais state, Brazil
Diego Rafael Gonzaga, Luiz Menini Neto & Ariane Luna Peixoto

Cacti and succulents and scenery - oh my!
Jeff Chemnick, Dan Mahr & Greg Starr

Pushing the limits with cacti & succulents in cold climates #18
Leo Chance

Book review - Aloes & Agaves in cultivation
Tim Harvey

Book review - Cacti & succulents of Baja California
Sula Vanderplank

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