Haseltonia 11

At 150 pages, Haseltonia 11 contains a bumper crop of articles that will be particularly interesting to the serious student of mesembs. Tony Dold offers a revision of the genus Bergeranthus, while 50 pages are devoted to Matthew Opel’s detailed studies of the leaf anatomy and morphological phylogeny of the genus Conophytum, two species of which grace the front and back covers. Those interested in the history of succulent plant discovery will enjoy a biography of E Yale Dawson, a prominent pioneer in the understanding of seaweeds who also managed to make a big impact in the succulent plant world. The subject of plant-animal relationships is little-studied among cacti and makes for fascinating reading; here the birds and bees of an Argentinean columnar cactus, Echinopsis atacamensis ssp pasacana, is discussed in detail. In another anatomical study, James Mauseth presents the most complete look at the anatomical features, other than wood, in the cactus subfamily Opuntioideae. Additionally, a number of taxa are described in Haseltonia 11, including two new Bergeranthus species, two Echeveria (one from Peru, another from Mexico), one Madagascan Euphorbia, one Hylocereusand one species and three varieties of Peperomia.



  • From the Editor—Michael W. Hawkes
  • Euphorbia erythrocucullata Mangelsdorff, a new semisucculentEuphorbia species from southwestern Madagascar by Ralph D. Mangelsdorff
  • A new subspecies of Hylocereus undatus (Cactaceae) from southeastern Mexico by Hector Càlix de Dios
  • Diversity of floral visitors to Echinopsis atacamensis ssp. pasacana(Cactaceae) by Boris O. Schlumpherger and Ernesto I. Badano
  • Leaf anatomy of Conophytum N. E. Br. (Aizoaceae) by Matthew R. Opel
  • A morphological phylogeny of the genus Conophytum N. E. Br. (Aizoaceae) by Matthew R. Opel
  • Leaves of grass: a taxonomic revision of the genus Bergeranthus Schwantes (Aizoaceae) by Anthony P. Dold, Steven A. Hammer and Nigel P. Barker
  • Echeveria andicola, a new species from central Peru by Guillermo Pino
  • Four new peperomias from northern Peru [754 kB] by Guillermo Pino, Olivier Klopfenstein and Nelson Cieza
  • Anatomical features, other than wood, in subfamily Opuntioideae (Cactaceae) by James D. Mauseth
  • In search of cacti and seaweeds on desert shores: E. Yale Dawson (1918-1966), Botanist by Michael W. Hawkes
  • Chromosomes and hybrids of Echeveria DC. IX. Series Spicatae (Baker) Berger by Charles H. Uhl, Reid Moran and Myron Kimnach
  • Haseltonia 10 Errata


Front Cover: Embedment is not merely for moles and reporters; Conophytumhas practised it for years, as demonstrated by Chris Barnhill's photos of C. maughanii ssp. armenianum (Augrabies, SH 365, front) and C.lydiae(Geselskapbank, SH 1290, back). Matthew Opel's anatomizing papers in this issue (pp 27-77) cast new light on the genus.                         

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