Journal Vol 76-4

Jul - Aug 2004


Falling in love with every cactus - A journey in the Atacama Desert 
Denis Diagre

Succulent roofs 
Ray Stephenson

Pediocactus and Sclerocactus From seed to graft and back again 
René Zahra

The Complete Encyclopedia of Cacti  Book review and rant on repetitive, redundant and regrettable cactus books
D Russell Wagner

In Defense of Dactylopsis 
Matthew R Opel

Pilosocereus fulvilanatus An easy blue columnar for your collection 
Bob Ressler

An unusual new species of Drosanthemum from Rooinek Pass in South Africa's Western Cape 
Ernst Van Jaarsveld

Pachyforms: A guide to growing pachycaul and caudiciform plants 
Book review by Dan Mahr

Agave parrasana 
Brian Kemble

Euphorbia santapauii A pilgrimage 
Ram Gandhi

Succulents on Stamps: Pachyforms 
Peg Spaete

Superb Succulents 
Duke Benadom

On the cover: The Knersvlakte is a small portion of Namaqualand somewhat inland of the western coast of South Africa. It is renowned for its quartz fields-plains of white quartzitic pebbles which blanket the surface of the earth like hail after a Midwestern thunderstorm. Within these fields grows a great diversity of dwarf flowering stones, especially leaf succulents of the Crassula and Mesemb families. The mesemb genera Argyroderma, Oophytum, and Dactylopsis are endemic to this area, growing exclusively on quartz. These miniatures often occur in such dense concentrations that they lend a green cast to the hillsides, growing shoulder to shoulder in carpet-like mats. As with many extremely arid regions, the Knersvlakte experiences great variability in rainfall, although the average is quite low. During the South African winter of 2001, unusually heavy rainfall saturated the ground and plumped the plants to the bursting point. Rob Skillin shot the cover photo of Dactylopsis digitata in August of that year, when the plants were so turgid with water that the leaf tips of many were popping off from the internal pressure.

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