Journal Vol 78-2

March–April 2006



  • John Lavranos: A Legacy of Botanical Discoveries, Dylan P Hannon
  • Aloe orlandi A surprising discovery from the horn of Africa,John J.Lavranos
  • Finders, Keepers, and some Lavranian Adjustments in Mesembryanthema, Steven Hammer
  • Ferocactus: Book Review, Vonn Watkins
  • Bulbine lolita, A pearl-skinned beauty from the Knersvlakte, Steven Hammer
  • The Huntington Botanical Gardens presents the 2006 offering of International Succulent Introductions, John N.Trager
  • On creating the book Grass aloes in the South African veld, Charles Craib
  • Grass aloes in the South African veld Book Review, John Lavranos
  • A mistletoe that attacks cacti: Ligaria cuneifolia infectsCorryocactus brevistylus, James D Mauseth, Stephen Benigno, Fatima Caceres Huamani & Carlos Ostolaza
  • A name for a hybrid Kalanchoe now naturalized in Florida,Daniel B.Ward
  • Succulents on Stamps Euphorbiaceae, Part 2, Peg Spaete


On the cover: If the last century of contributions to our knowledge of succulents plants could be compared to a large greenhouse, then John Lavranos would be one of the supporting poles near the center. Not only has he found so many of Mother Nature's well hidden and most beautiful succulent treasures, but he has shared the resulting knowledge and material with utmost generosity. The combination of skills needed to do what he has done so far is only rarely found in a single human, and more than once have I heard the word genius used where John was discussed. But please note the emphasis in the last sentence, because at 80, John still regularly goes exploring in Africa, Madagascar and the Yemen! No doubt this Pablo Picasso of the succulent plant world will keep on doing his thing for more than another decade. So this issue, dedicated to John, is definitely no premature homage, but rather a long overdue applause of respect and appreciation for all that he has contributed... so far. —Gerhard Marx

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