Journal Vol 82-3

May-June 2010



  • Journal Changes Duke Benadom
  • Sedum tuberiferum A little understood European succulent Ray Stephenson 
  • The South American mealybug that threatens North American cactiH.G.Zimmermann, Mayra Pérez, Sandi Cuen, María C Mandujano and J Golubov
  • Some cacti of "adjacent Mexico" A survey of the boundary Jonas Lüthy
  • Purslane (Portulace olerace, Portulacaceae) in southern Africa: more useful than most succulents Gideon F Smith & Estrela Figueiredo
  • Book Review: Desert Wisdom, Agaves and Cacti Duke Benadom
  • Notes on Crassulaceae 2 Myron Kimnach
  • Creating "perfect" Boswellia Jason Eslamieh
  • Superb Succulents Duke Benadom
  • Succulent Pastels Jennifer Becker
  • Book Review: Succulent Container Gardens Chuck Everson
  • Succulents on Stamps: Lilliaceae Peg Spaete
  • Reid Moran 1916 - 2010 Myron Kimnach


On the cover: Duke Benadom photographed this award winning Euphorbia francoisii under natural light in early May of this year, along with several other plants - six of which are in this issue as the return of the former column, Superb Succulents. This specimen has been with Duke & Kazuko for many years. Originally purchased from Grigsby's, the plant has grown (mostly the caudex) considerably, but last year it suffered rot and almost died. The damaged area was removed and the remaining caudex was treated with fungicide. This unique plant returned to health with its new cavernous shape due to the hollowed caudex. This would lead one to believe that rot can be a good thing, but only if amends are deployed prior to demise.

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