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Gunnar Eisel

PO Box 1000
Claremont, CA 91711

For inquiries about membership, subscriptions, and purchases of
back issues of Cactus and Succulent Journal and Haseltonia, please
contact our business office:

General Manager
Gunnar Eisel 

CSSA Historian
Chuck Staples

Lee J. Miller

Editor, Haseltonia
Root Gorelick, PhD

Editor, Cactus and Succulent Journal
Tim Harvey

Editor, To The Point
Susan Clements

The CSSA board of directors serves in a voluntary capacity to
oversee the society’s activites. If you have questions or comments
regarding CSSA functions, you may find the responsible party in
the list below.


CSSA Board of Directors

Gregg DeChirico, President
Steve Plath, Vice President
Clifford Meng, Treasurer
Lee J. Miller, Secretary
Laurel Woodley, Past President
Randy Baldwin
Joseph Clements
Nels Christianson
Eric Driskill
Buck Hemenway
Brian Kemble
Chris Miller
Jeff Pavlat
Judy Pigue
Cynthia Robinson
Dick Schreiber
Peter Walkowiak
Journal Editor
Timothy Harvey
Haseltonia Editor
Timothy Harvey
To The Point Editor
Susan Clements


Jerry Barad
Bob Barth
Charles (Chuck) Everson
Myron Kimnach
Gary Lyons
Bob Jewett