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Price: seed packets are $1.25 apiece.

Postage: $5.00 for all U.S. orders,
and $15.00 for all international orders.

This list supersedes all previous lists.

First, let me thank all the many donors of seeds during the past year—too many to list. Your generosity is much appreciated by me and by the Depot customers. We are always looking for cleaned, identified cactus and succulent seed. Contact the Director for more information.

Price: seed packets are $1.25 a piece. If you are ordering by mail, please list selections by number, as packets will be marked by number. For orders placed via the CSSA website, the numbers will appear on your invoice. Generally 20-25 seeds are included per packet, unless the list specified otherwise; one packet per species per order is the general rule, but some varieties are available in larger quantities. Please inquire first. Please list some substitutes, or substitutions will be made at the Director’s discretion.

Postage: U.S., $5.00 per order; Canada and other countries, $10.00. Payment must be in U.S. currency—cash or money order—or check drawn on a U.S. bank (payable to CSSA Seed Depot). Send mail orders to: CSSA Seed Depot, 3015 Timmy Ave., Clovis CA 93612-4849 USA. 

Adenia glauca [3]

Adenium arabicum [5]

Adenium obesum [10]

Adenium swazicum [10]

Adenium ‘Thai Socotranum’ [10]

Agave arizonica

Agave geminiflora

Agave lophantha

Agave tenuifolia

Agave tequilana

Agave Victoria-reginae

Agave xylonacantha

Aloe (=Aristaloe) aristata

Aloe ciliaris

Aloe deltoideodanta ssp candicans

Aloe distans (open pollinated)

Aloe elegans

Aloe ferox

Aloe haworthioides (open pollinated)

Aloe karasbergensis (open pollinated)

Aloe marlothii

Aloe pratensis

Aloe striata

Aloe variegata

Aloe wickensii

Aloe ‘Ed Hummel’ – toothy form

Anacampseros telephiastrum

Ariocarpus fissuratus [5]

Ariocarpus kotschoubeyanus [5]

Ariocarpus retusus [5]

Ariocarpus trigonus [5]

Astrophytum capricorne

Astrophytum capricorne ssp niveum

Astrophytum myriostigma

Astrophytum ornatum

Avonia papyracea namaensis

Aylostera (=Rebutia) fiebrigii

Aylostera (=Rebutia) kupperiana

Borzicactus aureispinus (=Cleistocactus winteri)

Borzicactus icosagonus

Bowiea volubilis [10]

Brighamia insignis

Bulbine alooides

Ceropegia linearis ssp woodii [10]

Ceropegia stapeliiformis ssp serpentina [5]

Cheiridopsis peculiaris

Cleistocactus baumannii

Cleistocactus buchtienii

Cleistocactus strausii

Cleistocactus tominensis

Conophytum pellucidum

Copiapoa grandiflora [10]

Copiapoa humilis (=tenuissima) [10]

Copiapoa hypogaea [10]

Copiapoa hypogaea ‘Lizard Skin’ [10]

Copiapoa taltalensis [10]

Coryphantha compacta [10]

Coryphantha durangensis

Coryphantha elephantidens

Coryphantha macromeris ssp runyonii [10]

Coryphantha micromeris [10]

Coryphantha recurvata

Crassula ovata

Cyphostemma juttae [3]

Dinteranthus microspermus ssp puberulus (white flower)

Dinteranthus microspermus ssp puberulus (yellow flower)

Dinternathus wilmontonianus

Diplosoma luckhoffii

Dyckia cultivar special: 3 pkts for the price of 1, director’s choice

Dyckia encholiriodes

Dyckia gogoiana

Dyckia platyphylla

Dyckia ‘Naked Lady’ – open pollinated

Echinocactus grusonii

Echinocactus horizonthalonius [5]

Echinocactus platyacanthus

Echinocactus texensis [10]

Echinocereus coccineus

Echinocereus dasyacanthus

Echinocereus enneacanthus

Echinocereus fasiculatus

Echinocereus fendleri

Echinocereus fendleri ssp hempelii

Echinocereus fendleri ‘Longispinus’

Echinocereus ferreirianus

Echinocereus ferreirianus ssp lindsayi

Echinocereus nicholii

Echinocereus pentalophus

Echinocereus polyacanthus

Echinocereus primolanatus

Echinocereus reichenbachii

Echinocereus reichenbachii ssp baileyi

Echinocereus rigidissimus

Echinocereus rigidissimus ssp rubrispinus

Echinocereus scheeri ssp gentryi

Echinocereus stramineus

Echinocereus subinermis

Echinocereus subinermis ssp aculeata

Echinocereus triglochidiatus

Echinocereus triglochidiatus ssp triglochidiatus

Echinocereus viridiflorus

Echinopsis cv – yellow flower

Echinopsis deserticola

Echinopsis huascha

Echinopsis mamillosa

Echinopsis mirabilis

Echinopsis schickendantsii

Echinopsis spachiana

Echinopsis ‘Epic’ – bright red flower

Echinopsis ‘White Knight’

Epithelantha micromeris [10]

Eriosyce chilensis ssp albidiflora FK 192

Eriosyce curvispina ssp armata FK 480

Eriosyce senilis

Eriosyce simulans FK 82

Eriosyce tenuis FK 116

Escobaria emskoetteriana

Escobaria hesteri

Escobaria lloydii [10]

Escobaria missouriensis [10]

Escobaria vivipara

Espostoa melanostele

Euphorbia desmondii [5]

Euphorbia ingens [5]

Ferocactus acanthodes

Ferocactus alamosanus

Ferocactus chrysacanthus

Ferocactus echidne

Ferocactus emoryi

Ferocactus emoryi ssp rectispinus

Ferocactus glaucescens

Ferocactus gracilis

Ferocactus gracilis ssp coloratus

Ferocactus gracilis ssp gatesii

Ferocactus hamatacanthus

Ferocactus hamatacanthus ssp sinuatus

Ferocactus herrerae

Ferocactus hystrix

Ferocactus latispinus

Ferocactus macrodiscus

Ferocactus peninsulae

Ferocactus peninsulae ssp viscainensis

Ferocactus pottsii

Ferocactus robustus

Ferocactus schwarzii

Ferocactus viridescens

Ferocactus wislizenii

Ferocactus wislizenii gold spined form

Frailea castanea ssp castanea

Frailea mammifera

Gasteria liliputana

Gasteria variegated hybrid

Gerrardanthus macrorhizus [5]

Gibbaeum velutinum

Gymnocalycium ambatoense

Gymnocalycium amerhauseri

Gymnocalycium baldianum

Gymnocalycium bodenbenderianum

Gymnocalycium bruchii

Gymnocalycium denudatum

Gymnocalycium erinaceus

Gymnocalycium glaucum

Gymnocalycium marsoneri

Gymnocalycium ochoterenae

Gymnocalycium ochoterenae ssp vatteri

Gymnocalycium pugionacanthum

Gymnocalycium quehlianum

Gymnocalycium ragonesii

Gymnocalycium rhodantherum

Gymnocalycium saglionis

Gymnocalycium stellatum

Gymnocalycium stellatum ssp paucispinum

Gymnocalycium stenopleurum

Huernia piersii [5]

Idria columnaris [10]

Ipomea platense [5]

Ipomea pubescens [5]

Islaya islayensis FK 341 [10]

Lapidaria margaretae

Leuchtenbergia principis

Lithops aucampiae

Lithops bromfeldii ssp insularis

Lithops dinteri ssp brevis

Lithops gracilidelineata

Lithops herrei (transluscens)

Lithops hookeri ssp elephina

Lithops hookeri ssp marginata

Lithops hookeri ssp susannae

Lithops julii ssp fuller ‘Fullergreen’

Lithops karasmontana (mickbergensis)

Lithops lesliei ssp hornii

Lithops lesliei ssp mariae

Lithops lesliei ssp minor

Lithops lesliei ssp venteri

Lithops lesliei ‘Albinica’

Lithops marmorata

Lithops marmorata ssp elisae

Lithops olivacea

Lithops optica ‘Rubra’

Lobivia aurea

Lobivia ferox

Mammillaria candida

Mammillaria compressa

Mammillaria densispina

Mammillaria glassii [5]

Mammillaria grahamii

Mammillaria hutchisoniana ssp louisae

Mammillaria karwinskiana ssp nejapensis

Mammillaria mammillaris

Mammillaria nivosa [10]

Mammillaria petterssonii

Mammillaria pottsii

Mammillaria prolifera

Mammillaria schiedeana

Mammillaria senilis

Mammillaria spinosissima

Mammillaria thornberi

Matucana madisoniorum

Matucana tuberculata

Melocactus baiensis

Melocactus curvispinus

Melocactus ernestii

Melocactus levitestatus ssp rubrispinus

Melocactus matanzanus

Melocactus neryi variegata

Melocactus oreas

Melocactus salvadorensis

Mestoklema tuberosum

Neoporteria occulta

Neoporteria taltalensis

Nolina recurvata

Orbea variegata [10]

Oreocereus celsianus

Oreocereus doelzianus

Ornithogallum saundersii

Parodia erinacea

Parodia erubescens

Parodia hasselbergii

Parodia hasselbergii ssp graessneri

Parodia leninghausii

Parodia magnifica

Parodia mammulosa

Parodia muelleri-melchersii

Parodia rudibuenekeri

Parodia schlosseri

Parodia scopa

Pelargonium aridum

Pelargonium aridum

Pelargonium aridum

Pfeiffera ianothele

Pilosocereus aurisetus

Pilosocereus gounellei

Pilosocereus leucocephalus

Portulaca elatior

Pseudobombax ellipticum [5]

Pseudolithos miguritinus [5]

Pseudorhipsalis ramulosa

Puya mirabilis

Puya sp. Annie’s Annuals

Rebutia minuscula

Rebutia ‘Lemon Queen’

Rhipsalis baccifera ssp horrid

Rhipsalis guademalensis – from a monstrose plant

Schizobasis intricata

Stapelia hirsuta [5]

Stenocereus gummosus

Stenocereus pruinosus

Strombocactus disciformis

Thelocactus bicolor [10]

Thelocactus buekii ssp matudae [10]

Thelocactus conothelos [10]

Thelocactus hexaedrophorus ssp lloydii [10]

Thelocactus hexaedrophorus [10]

Thelocactus macdowellii [10]

Thelocactus rinconensis [10]

Thelocactus setispinus ssp sinuatus [10]

Thelocactus setispinus [10]

Titanopsis calcarea

Titanopsis schwantesii

Turbinicarpus hybrids

Turbinicarpus lophophoroides [10]

Turbinicarpus pseudomacrochele [10]

Turbinicarpus sauri [10]

Turbinicarpus schmiedickeanus ssp flaviflorus [10]

Umbilicus rupestris

Weingartia lanata (=Rebutia neocumingii)

Yucca aloifolia

Yucca elata -- Sedona, AZ

Yucca whipplei